Using a Copywriter for your blog writing.

Using a Copywriter for your blog writing.

Ghost Blogging – Why and when to outsource your blog.

You know your business inside out, there is no better person to write about it than you, right? Wrong. Do you have the time and inclination to sit and scribe blog article after blog article? I thought not. You run your business, but you are also aware that an active website is important to attract visitors. Shareable content, blogs and social media should be key areas of your content marketing campaign for your small business. But why chose a writer to ghost blog for you? You will save time, benefit from their skill and they will capture your knowledge.


How much time will it take you to write an article, be honest? To think about the topic, the word length, put in any research time. This time could probably be spent better elsewhere. Think about the opportunity cost of what else you could be doing with your time. Perhaps you really don’t have the time, and blogging is one of those things you’ve been putting off and putting off, slipping further down your to-do list.


By outsourcing to a copywriter you are tapping in to their experience and expertise. They do this type of work everyday. Irrelevant of industry, they will be able to provide a source of topics for your blogs, advise on scheduling and frequency. They are also experts in writing for the web, and so will be able to craft an article that will be search engine friendly, shareable and relevant to your audience.


Knowledge is key. By working with a copywriter they will take time to understand your business. Each article will have a clear purpose. Your copywriter will translate your knowledge, experience and enthusiasm into a compelling article to reach your audience.


By outsourcing your blog writing you will benefit from a fresh approach. As business owners we can rely heavily on our stock language and phrases to describe our businesses or services. When used online, this language can quickly become stale, it is easy to regurgitate the same old descriptions again and again.

I have worked with many small businesses, writing for their online marketing, websites, blogs and social media. Working on their behalf to create readable, relevant information. Visit my portfolio pages for examples.

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