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  We all know that copywriters work alongside fellow creatives in agency settings, and this extends beyond the confines of a traditional agency setup and on to working collaboratively as teams on certain projects. But for many freelancers, a working relationship where they are able to pair their services ... Read More


  Although this may be off-topic to my usual posts, a couple of separate events occurred last week  which both mentioned the possible demise of the business card. One was a training event when a fellow delegate commented that Twitter and LinkedIn are replacing business cards. The other, ... Read More


By Avery blogger, Susanne Wakefield Green Office Week is a great time to reflect on how we, as consumers, can make informed choices about the Eco-friendly products that we use within the office, either at home or work. In particular, paper products, as even in this day-in-age ... Read More


  Your homepage is likely to be the first page your visitor will see. It needs to make a great first impression and provide an introduction to your business or services. Today’s website visitors are experts at scanning pages and making split-second decisions that will lead them to read ... Read More

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