5 Point Checklist for your Homepage

5 Point Checklist for your Homepage


Your homepage is likely to be the first page your visitor will see. It needs to make a great first impression and provide an introduction to your business or services. Today’s website visitors are experts at scanning pages and making split-second decisions that will lead them to read on or move away. The bottom line is they are looking for answers to their questions, solutions to their problems, and if your website doesn’t answer them, then another one will. So if you’re creating a homepage from scratch, or re-evaluating an existing one, here some key points to consider. 

Your homepage checklist:

  1. Branding
  2. The what, why and where?
  3. Recent news
  4. Call to action
  5. Contact details


Your homepage, just like the rest of your website and other marketing collateral, should carry your company branding and be consistent with your business image and values. A clear logo design is key and an obvious place for this is the top left corner of the page (where our eye tracking usually starts). The colours, design and language that you chose all work together to build a picture of your brand. 

The What, Why and Where?

What do you do, how and why do you do it, and where do you do it should be easily answered in your homepage text. Outline your products and services clearly. Include a geographical location if relevant. Show that you are trustworthy by including genuine client testimonials, accreditations or affiliations.  

Recent Work and Recent News

Show your visitors that you keep your website up-to-date by including a ‘latest news’ or blog feed, social media integration or a recent work feature. This is a great way to highlight that you are knowledgeable within your industry, are actively engaging with your visitors and also showcase real life examples of your work. 

Call To Action

Be clear about what you want your visitor to do. What is your ideal outcome? Click thru, contact, purchase? Ensure that the page is easy to navigate and clearly laid out. Contact forms, free downloads and social media icons should be easy to find. 

Contact Details

It may seem obvious but contact details are extremely important. Visitors may opt to use your contact form but give them choices, perhaps a phone number and email address too. These are commonly included within the header and footer. A geographical address may help to build trust too. 

It may seem laborious but by regularly reviewing and updating your homepage it will continue to provide a current reflection your business and services. 



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