10 ways agencies can work with freelance copywriters.

10 ways agencies can work with freelance copywriters.


We all know that copywriters work alongside fellow creatives in agency settings, and this extends beyond the confines of a traditional agency setup and on to working collaboratively as teams on certain projects. But for many freelancers, a working relationship where they are able to pair their services with a counterpart from a complementary industry can be of benefit to both parties. 

There are many small creative agencies that are simply unable to sustain employed staff to cover the various service aspects that they would like to provide. And in the ever-changing environment of marketing, the skills needed to be at the fingertips of creative agencies can change with each project. 

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This is where a bank of freelancers can really come into its own. A collection of like-minded creatives from complementary industries that can work together as and when needed. This might mean a design agency pairing up with a web designer and copywriter. Or a Marketing agency joining forces with a graphic designer and an events manager. The possibilities are endless. 

Speaking from my own experience working alongside creative agencies, graphic designers and marketing teams, here a some examples of the type of work a freelance copywriter can get involved with.

1. Website page content 

The written word is essential online to inform the reader, satisfy the search engines and, importantly, help to paint a clear picture of the business. 

2. Social Media

A copywriter will create captivating posts and updates that engage the audience. Consistency is key when it comes to social media. 

3. Product or service descriptions

This forms the basics of any writing, online or in print, that describes the business, its services or its products.

4. Meta descriptions and titles

These details are super important for the search engines, and great for grabbing the attention of any potential customers.

5. Portfolio posts

A good way of keeping your website updated with new content and a way of showcasing work to new customers. 

6. Client case studies 

More in-depth than a portfolio entry, case studies provide a well-constructed review of a particular project, its problems and its solutions. 

7. Blog articles

Blogging is a fantastic way to keep your website up to date with original, relevant and shareable content. This will help to drive traffic to your site and engage your audience. 

8. Editorial research and planning

Copywriters are avid researchers and can advise on setting up an editorial calendar for content publishing.  

9. Print copy for brochures, leaflets & adverts

The old school skills of a copywriter are still relevant in today’s marketplace. 

10. Email newsletters

Keep in touch with your customers and client base on a regular basis with industry news, company information or new products. 

All of these extend not only to client side offerings but many could be beneficial to the collaborators, too, for their own marketing efforts. 


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