How can a Virtual Assistant Help Me?

How can a Virtual Assistant Help Me?


What tasks can I outsource to a virtual assistant? 

If you’ve decided that you could really do with a little help, but you’re not sure how and when, then a virtual assistant could be for you. They provide the solution that many small businesses or entrepreneurs face — they need an extra pair of hands, but maybe not all the time, maybe they don’t physically have the space, and they don’t want the ongoing commitment of employed staff. 

What can they help with? 

The role of a VA has grown over past few years to much more than the standard secretarial and PA type tasks, it can now encompass creative work areas to depending on their area of expertise. Administrative tasks are straightforward to assign to a VA, but social media, diary management, emails, blog writing and even marketing tasks can be outsourced easily. 

How does it work? 

This depends on your requirements. You might want to block book a set number of hours each week or month, or work on an ad hoc basis. Extra hours may be needed at the start to get the working process up and running. A virtual assistant can offer real flexibility; they can do as much or as little as you need. 

Allocating the work and reporting 

Work is usually allocated by email. Skype, instant messaging and even the good old telephone mean that you can keep in touch with your assistant easily. Setting up shared files online using OneDrive or DropBox ensures that both parties can keep up to date with the project’s progress. 

How much time will it take to get them up to speed? 

Don’t be worried about not having the time to explain what you need to get done. You should expect a small time investment in the beginning, but once your VA is accustomed to how you work, tasks can be assigned easily leaving you to focus on core business activities and growth. 

If you find yourself trying to do it all when running your own business, then outsourcing to a VA could be a game-changer. Think about all the tasks you have to do regularly, if there’s any you don’t like doing, any that aren’t playing to your strengths and any that are repetitive and routine, then why not think about assigning those to an assistant.


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