What’s new at WriteCloud? February 2017

What’s new at WriteCloud? February 2017

Welcome to the second of my monthly news blog about general happenings in the WriteCloud studio. Now well and truly settled into the new year, this month has been head down as projects have kicked on.

Here’s what’s been happening in February:

Project Picks

Writing about new products is always exciting. It’s a great privilege to be involved in any product launch, and this month has seen a new product name being developed along with coordinated website content ahead of a launch. I’m looking forward to hearing more about the launch and seeing the final product branding in the coming months.

In another creative project, I have continued working on a ‘Meet the team’ page. This is a great way to inject some personality into a business and bring a personal angle to a brand story. For this particular project, I created a series of short interview questions for each team member to get to know more about them other than their list of qualifications and experience. Writing about the people behind the product is so important when building a relationship with your audience. This is one of my favourite areas of copywriting as I get to know more about people and how they see themselves at work.

Digital Admin

With several events on the horizon, this month has seen lots of planning and coordination. A few weeks away from the first event, I’ve been busy with bookings and distribution of literature in preparation. I’ve been making use of shared files in cloud storage to keep track of event schedules, delegates and contacts so that anyone can be kept up-to-date and a snapshot of the planning progress can be seen at a glance. In others areas of work, I’ve been immersed in data collection. One for a financial project and the another to work on a customer retention project.

Getting Social

WriteCloud is now on Instagram you can find me here @WriteCloud where I’ll be sharing updates from my little office and trying to avoid sharing too many generic inspirational quotes.  I have long resisted using this platform for my type of business as I feel that when you’re a business service  it can be difficult to find imagery that is relevant, personal and Instagram-beautiful! It lends itself well to image-focused products, lifestyle businesses and inspirational or aspirational offerings, but having seen a recent increase of similar businesses on there and using the platform already on a personal level it seemed a natural step. Only a few weeks in, I have been surprised by the increased engagement when compared to Twitter and I’m enjoying the visual aspect of it – it’s making me think differently about how I see my services.

Top Tech

Given that February has been heavily focused on coordinating in different aspects of my digital admin offering, Google Sheets has to be this month’s top tech. I use One Drive as well, and both are great for sharing spreadsheets. File-sharing is extremely useful when working together on projects or for information sharing, it cuts down on emails as anyone who needs can have access to the doc to check up on progress.

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