WriteCloud News Blog Summer 2017

WriteCloud News Blog Summer 2017

It would appear that my content marketing plans have successfully gone out the window over the summer months, proving that even if you’re a ‘blog writer’, making time to keep your own site up to date can easily fall down your list of things to do. I should be practising what I preach and keeping the content coming!  So this news blog is a round up of what’s been going on over the past couple of months.

Project Highlights

I was expecting a slight lull over the summer as people’s priorities shift from work to the summer holidays. Whether that be time away or the annual six weeks of summer with the children taking the focus, the summer is time for a change of pace for a lot of people. But instead of having a quieter few months, I took on a website copywriting project which I’m hoping to share on my portfolio page soon as it is in the final stages at the moment.  The client, an industry leader, is undergoing a new website design and required new written content for its multi-page website to reflect their modern and dynamic service and their position within the industry. Working in coordination with a client-side project manager and an external website development agency, the project involved team member interview questions and client case studies as well as UX and SEO considerations.

Looking ahead, projects are lining up for the autumn following some new client meetings. One of the things that has struck me recently is how passionate small business owners can be about their businesses. This is no surprise when you think how much a person can have resting on its success. But it often goes beyond that, as success can’t be quantified solely in monetary terms. Behind every small business are the people, and each of them has their own story, the reason, the why that has led them to where they are.


Since I returned from my own holiday — a week in Paris avec ma famille – I have read in envy of other freelancers taking the whole summer off work. I’d love to know how they manage it. I’m constantly looking for ways to improve and grow my business, but when it’s just you, it can be ever so difficult to switch off for even the shortest of breaks, let alone down tools for six or seven weeks at a time. Actually just writing this, I’m not sure if I’d want to be ‘off’ for six weeks, but perhaps becoming a digital nomad for the summer would be a great way to mix more travel and work – something to aim for!

Top Tech

On each news blog I like to share some of my favourite ‘top techs’, and this time I have a couple of techy items that I think deserve a mention. The first is a lifesaver as far as I’m concerned and something that I use every day.

LastPass is a free password management tool. It works as an online vault so you only need to remember one password, ever! There is also a handy extension for Safari or Chrome so you can log in to any of your saved sites easily. And it also generates secure passwords for you so there’s no need to wrack your brains to find a new one each time. It’s indispensable for password security, forgetful brains and secure sharing of login credentials.

The second is WhatsApp. I know that it’s a messaging app for your phone, but did you also know that there is a web version? It’s incredibly easy to use; simply visit the site and log in using the QR scanner. Your WhatsApp data is then available via the website until you log out again. The benefits are that it’s easier to keep up with work-related messages whilst you are working, it’s easier to type on a keyboard that a phone screen, and you can download and save any images directly to your computer.





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