CASE STUDY: Toggl Master for a small comms team

CASE STUDY: Toggl Master for a small comms team

Client: London-based PR team

Project: Toggl Master support

Requirements and key objectives: Guidance on using and setting up Toggl for reporting, time and profit analysis, setting billable rates, and generally working out where their team’s time goes when working on client work.

Details: The team initially came to me for some training and orientation of the app. They had been using Toggl for about a year at that time, but didn’t feel they were making the most of it. They had some questions about setting up projects and team access on the workspace, and although the team was onboard with using the tool on a day to day basis, there was inconsistency in use and also in terms of generating reports.

The first session was an hour long training session over Skype with the COO to give a general overview of Toggl and some usage tips as well as reporting demos, so they could see what they could get out of it if they used it more consistently.

Later, I then spent two separate days onsite with them to really get to the heart of where Toggl wasn’t quite working for them. The first day was spent helping set up projects in a way that was consistent with their Office 365 workflow. We then set up tasks within these projects for an extra level of detail. One of the other crucial things we set up were billable rates, which they hadn’t been using up until then, for at a glance reporting. I also spent time with each of the team members in turn at their workstations so they had a chance to ask any questions, identify where further training was needed and they could air any difficulties that they had encountered.

For the second visit onsite, they had some new staff, so time was spent with each of these to bring them up to speed with using Toggl. This sessions was also used to evaluate their current use of Toggl and we identified that still some of the team were not using ‘tasks’ even though they’re set up.
We then discussed what worked better for the company, reporting to their clients and also ease of use for the team.They decided to write descriptions in the free text area to mirror the ‘task’ for consistency of reporting. This also has the benefit of picking up the timer to run to a specific task not just a project. A project global template was created with all agency tasks listed plus all team members for ease and consistency of setting up new projects. When the account manager creates a new project, they can select the global template and customise to that project.

Results: I asked the team a few questions about how the Toggl Masters sessions had helped them.

Have the sessions helped you to organise and run your Toggl workspace and get your team onboard?
- Yes, very much so, and I’m sure they will next time too!

Are you now able to get the information and/or reporting from Toggl that you wanted?
- Yes, although I am sure I will get more as I go on working with TOGGL. We are in the process of getting a new CRM system and have noticed that many of them can merge with Toggl which is great news.

Did the Masters support meet your expectations?
- Yes, which is why I have returned to Susanne for further guidance.

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