CASE STUDY: Toggl Master support for a business consultant

CASE STUDY: Toggl Master support for a business consultant

Client: Business consultant

Project: Toggl Master support

Requirements and key objectives: The consultant had identified Toggl as a possible tool to use to monitor seven small teams for 4-6 weeks in order to evaluate team workload, efficiency and time sink holes. She wanted the help of a Toggl Master to help set up the workspace, teams and projects, host a web conference to demo the tool to the team and provide a simple presentation for future reference, and to be on hand to help with inviting team members to the workspace and run through the reporting options once they had collected enough data.

Details: The teams and project areas were quite clear from the offset. This project was focused on the functionality of Toggl and how to roll this out across the teams seamlessly and with minimal friction. The workspace was therefore set up in advance of team members’ access, so that once they were invited to the workspace, they would only see the projects that they were involved with. It was important for the consultant to keep a firm handle of the projects (time recording centres) so that any evaluation after the period would be useful and easy to compare. Consistency of how the time recorded was imperative.

After the initial setting up of the workspace, I presented to the team via Zoom to demonstrate Toggl to them, explaining only the features that were necessary for their use. It had been decided that individual users wouldn’t have the option of setting up their own projects, so the demonstration focused only on how to track time. I then held a question and answer session.

Once the team were using the tool, at the end of the first week, I held a further session with the consultant to run through the reporting options so at the end of the 4-6 week period she would be able to generate the data required for her evaluation of the teams.

Results: I asked the consultant a few questions about how the Toggl Masters sessions had helped her with this project.

“Things generally went well and although the data wasn’t perfect it was certainly a good starting point for a number of conversations.

I think the main lesson for me was to have thought more about the work types – but that relates more to the project rather than the tech.

In terms of feedback:

Working with you was really helpful as it was great to have someone with a high level of expertise as it really helped me to design our workspace in an effective way, it also helped to reduce the build time and get the team using the tool very quickly.

Working with the master helped us to get up and running quickly, this helped us to start collecting data. The ability to create reports was super easy and the presentation style was very easy to read which is great when you need to share information with a wide audience.

Working with the Master was a really positive experience, the expertise, speed and efficiency she bought to the project really helped us get to results quickly.”

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