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In my quest for efficiency, time-saving and productivity, I’ve dabbled a little with using canned replies in emails and have now come to rely on them in certain instances. It’s a delicate dance between saving time and trying not to lose anything from the personal touch. I still want ... Read More


By its title, this post probably should be more profound than it is. Sorry, but this isn't a post about searching for time or making time for things, although that does come into a bit. Instead it's a post about arranging time. In particular, scheduling. And how we can use tools ... Read More


Being busy doesn’t necessarily mean you’re being productive. As freelancers or small business owners, we work flexibly, so that it fits in with our lives, but it can be hard to get all the work done. You’re busy, I get it. Aren’t we all? So busy. Our heads swimming with ... Read More


We’ve seen it all before. *Yawn* ... Read More


“So, what is it that you do?” It’s obvious, isn’t it? I bang on about it on social media, I talk to my clients about it, my friends and family hear me talk about work. But do I really say it clearly and does anyone listen? It’s become clear, even just recently, ... Read More


Do you know how you spend your time each day? Do you really know how long those few emails take or how long you spend on the phone with that client talking through a brief? Yes? Unless you track your time, you might have a rough idea, but you ... Read More


Client: Jacob Lund Photography Project: New stock photography online store. Requirements: The client wanted a personalised and premium experience for the customer, so they felt as though they are dealing directly with the photographer, and in a way that their journey through the website evoked an emotional response ... Read More


Client: Capworth Homes Project: Marketing collateral for new housing development Woodford Park. Requirements: Written content for 34-page marketing brochure and website. Key Objectives: To begin to market the planned houses ahead of the build completion through a sales brochure, company website and third-party property website, Right Move. Details: As ... Read More

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