Recent project: copywriting for stock photography online store

Recent project: copywriting for stock photography online store

Client: Jacob Lund Photography

Project: New stock photography online store.

Requirements: The client wanted a personalised and premium experience for the customer, so they felt as though they are dealing directly with the photographer, and in a way that their journey through the website evoked an emotional response and told a story of the process.

Key Objectives: To explain exactly how the stock photography site worked, how the licensing and buying options functioned and how the customer would be buying directly from them.

Details: The website includes banner copy to showcase different aspects of the service, then leads on to the different pages covering each section.
The customer journey was very important, that they could feel they could comfortably browse the store, like looking through a bookshop or catalogue.
One of the unique areas of the site is the request photo page where the team are actively inviting its clients to suggest or request ideas for upcoming shoots. This offers a new approach, somewhere between off-the-shelf stock photography and hiring the photographer directly.
The project also included a personalised order confirmation email, text for their partner sites and blog posts to promote the launch of the website.

Result: View the website here at

“Working with Susanne is a really great experience. She understands how to take our message and put it into clear and very well formulated text. For our website it was important for us to give customers a sense of a personal experience. Susanne understood what we wanted and did exactly that by writing the copy in a beautiful personalised way that felt like it came from us.” Jacob Lund Photography

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