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Client: London-based PR team Project: Toggl Master support Requirements and key objectives: Guidance on using and setting up Toggl for reporting, time and profit analysis, setting billable rates, and generally working out where their team's time goes when working on client work. Details: The team initially came to me for some ... Read More


Keeping on top of your inbox  Emails are an essential part of everyday life, but managing them, reading them, replying to them, and actioning them can all take time. There is a better way. This can be simplified and easily managed to cut down your email excess. As a virtual assistant, my email is active all day. What comes in and how I ... Read More


This is the fifth news blog from me this year as each month I reflect on what's been happening in the WriteCloud studio over the last month. May has been my busiest month so far this year with a string of small projects running alongside ... Read More


It's all very well knowing that you need an assistant and how much they are going to charge, but what exactly can be done in one hour? What is their time worth to you? In this post I will outline various tasks. Ones that I myself complete on a regular basis ... Read More


Have you ever needed an assistant for an event? Or someone on-hand to help at a workshop, training or coaching day? An assistant to organise the admin, coordinate with the venue, contact delegates and prepare materials and follow ups? There are many people who work independently, consultants, business coaches or small ... Read More


  How can small businesses, consultants or start-ups benefit from an extra pair of hands to manage their social media? We all know that social media is a must for any business, but the time investment is huge. It can be all too easy to hit the social channels hard ... Read More


  What tasks can I outsource to a virtual assistant?  If you’ve decided that you could really do with a little help, but you’re not sure how and when, then a virtual assistant could be for you. They provide the solution that many small businesses or entrepreneurs ... Read More

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