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It's nothing new, remote workers are taking the world by storm. Or maybe I'm just much more aware of freelancers in all their forms. We now - or many of us, anyhow - work from home, or we might be seen lurking in co-working spaces or combining travel and work ... Read More


Are you thinking of being a VA? Having been approached a few times recently by aspiring VAs, I thought it was about time to share a few tips and pointers and things I've learnt along the way. At the time of writing this, my VA business is coming up to six years and ... Read More


It would appear that my content marketing plans have successfully gone out the window over the summer months, proving that even if you're a 'blog writer', making time to keep your own site up to date can easily fall down your list of things to do. I should be practising ... Read More


Keeping on top of your inbox  Emails are an essential part of everyday life, but managing them, reading them, replying to them, and actioning them can all take time. There is a better way. This can be simplified and easily managed to cut down your email excess. As a virtual assistant, my email is active all day. What comes in and how I ... Read More


Wow, half way through 2017 already and June has passed with a hazy heatwave. The exceptionally warm weather made me extremely grateful that I work from home and could retreat into the garden for a break from the desk or start work earlier to make the most of ... Read More


If you're already a freelancer, then you know that there's a preconceived idea of us swanning around picking and choosing the hours we work and the projects we work on. We all know that this isn't the case all of the time. I've mentioned before on my blog that the ... Read More


This is the fifth news blog from me this year as each month I reflect on what's been happening in the WriteCloud studio over the last month. May has been my busiest month so far this year with a string of small projects running alongside ... Read More

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