Website Copy for Create A Cabin with The Marketing Assistant

Client: The Marketing Assistant
Project: Website content for their client Create A Cabin
Requirements: Review and rewrite of content for new website.
Key Objectives: To create written content for the site that would appeal to all target markets. To deliver clear, informative and professional product information. To portray the flexibility and accessibility of the product and its diverse applications. All to support growth in their UK market.
Details: Under the creative instruction of The Marketing Assistant, the brief explained the need for clear, easy to understand copy across the site. Although the technical specifications of the product were paramount, this needed to be delivered in a succinct and accessible way. As such the key points were broken down into defined topics with key features highlighted in a bulleted list. The copy needed to deliver enthusiasm and excitement about the product to show its versatility and varied application across agriculture, food production, office space, creative space, studios etc…

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