What tasks can I outsource to a virtual assistant?  If you’ve decided that you could really do with a little help, but you’re not sure how and when, then a virtual assistant could be for you. They provide the solution that many small businesses or entrepreneurs ... Read More


  On a bookshelf somewhere in my past, I can see the spine of a book - ‘Don’t do. Delegate!’ We’re talking way back in time, as a child perusing my parents’ book collection, nestled somewhere between the Wilbur Smiths and the Stephen Kings.  Delegating is not ... Read More


Imagine the scenario, you're at the hairdressers. On a whim, you decide that you're going to go for it, rainbow hair here we come. You’re fed up with the same old you. You want something different, a bit daring. After a brief chat through with your trusted hairdresser ... Read More


Networking is a word that crops up again and again when you run your own business as it's a great way to reach out to other businesses, make new contacts, grow existing ones and build relationships. I have a confession...I don't do networking (well, until now). My experience of networking is limited ... Read More


  We all know that copywriters work alongside fellow creatives in agency settings, and this extends beyond the confines of a traditional agency setup and on to working collaboratively as teams on certain projects. But for many freelancers, a working relationship where they are able to pair their services ... Read More


  Although this may be off-topic to my usual posts, a couple of separate events occurred last week  which both mentioned the possible demise of the business card. One was a training event when a fellow delegate commented that Twitter and LinkedIn are replacing business cards. The other, ... Read More


By Avery blogger, Susanne Wakefield Green Office Week is a great time to reflect on how we, as consumers, can make informed choices about the Eco-friendly products that we use within the office, either at home or work. In particular, paper products, as even in this day-in-age ... Read More


  Your homepage is likely to be the first page your visitor will see. It needs to make a great first impression and provide an introduction to your business or services. Today’s website visitors are experts at scanning pages and making split-second decisions that will lead them to read ... Read More


Hiring a VA - A guide for SMEs and Entrepreneurs There has been a marked increase in recent years in the number of businesses benefiting from hiring a virtual assistant. Particularly, but not exclusively suited to entrepreneurs and small business, hiring a virtual assistant and forging a long term partnership with them can pay ... Read More


Ghost Blogging - Why and when to outsource your blog. You know your business inside out, there is no better person to write about it than you, right? Wrong. Do you have the time and inclination to sit and scribe blog article after blog article? I thought not. You run ... Read More

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